French fried lamb chops with mashed potatoes

Provence in southern France, in addition to the delightful climate and scenery, as well as irresistible temptation of food. Introduced today is a Provencal style fried lamb chops with mashed potatoes.

How much more succulent lamb chops frying it? First, in the purchase of lamb, we have to use high-quality marbled lamb chops. Second, is the feel of fried. Touch feels a little firm and elastic, easy to bounce after pressing. This time, we can achieve the effect we want. This time, I use the frying pan, oven useless, it is easier to change and always observe the chops feel so fresh and juicy fried lamb chops.

Ingredients: French lamb chops, bacon tastes Provence materials, potatoes, salt, black pepper, salad dressing, cherry tomatoes, mint.


1. Ready material;

2. Take appropriate bacon materials;

3. Water and mix thoroughly;

4. Lamb chops wash dry control water;

5. The material poured on the lamb chops on bacon;

6. Tasty marinated 2 hours;In the marinated lamb chops, we can do the mashed potatoes:

7. Potatoes, peeled and cut into thick slices;

8. Steamed or cooked with a spoon pressed into the mud;

9. Sprinkle the salt and black pepper;

10.Squeezed into the salad dressing and mix well;

11. Pans heated, add the marinated lamb chops, pour marinade juice together;

12. Fry on both sides, according to personal taste, to fry cooked to the desired degree.

Pure and fresh and of Italian oil vinegar juice

For Europeans, salad as an appetizer, always bears the burden of the pioneer. And high quantity of heat of thousand islands and salad sauce, tastes thick, heat a few tablespoons of suspected and main intestines and stomach territory. Therefore, in recent years the fresh oil vinegar has a paint has a tendency to challenge the salad dressing supremacy.

About the origin of the oil, vinegar, two views are abroad. One theory is that it is in the 17th century by a French immigrant to prepare salad was invented in England. While another said law thought it originally appeared in medieval Italy, because the required use of olive oil and black oil vinegar vinegar is rich in Italy, the sauces are often appeared in the Italian food, so most chefs will tend to it is invented by the Italian people.

The earliest oil vinegar, however, is not prepared by salad. It is dedicated to the dip bread before the meal. First edition combines anomaly of oil, vinegar, no difficult operation, everyone can learn. Only in an olive oil, a black vinegar, add a little salt and pepper.

In good restaurants, premium olive oil must be extra virgin olive oil, black vinegar isn’t our LaoChenCu, but Italian specialties of black vinegar Chen for five years. This kind of black vinegar made from a grape, exquisite production, certification, and year can reach tens of thousands of some value, fell on the food, as well as the Midas touch, harmonic and improve the taste, but also upset the taste, let a person appetite is big.

Italy is said to be the princess married to the French king Henry ii. Oil vinegar is italics into France. Always pay attention to your breath and enjoy the French man, I put the oil, vinegar is improved, in addition to the original material, also joined the onion, garlic, herbs, or even a mustard, olive, boiled eggs and other food, and the myriad of changes can be calculate. Because of it and the smell of the Roman lettuce particularly suitable, also have a chef like to go with Caesar salad with it.

French people carry forward it, it changes in Italy also increasingly diverse, Italian housewives will replace black vinegar with red wine vinegar, fruit vinegar, and different varieties. However, no matter how to change, it is everyday Italian family juice sauce. Is one of the most obvious evidence, until now, Italian chefs will use it to pickle beef in Italy. Because Italy grass cattle are feeding cattle, meat more ductile than grain-fed cattle, the inside of the oil and vinegar decomposition of protease in the beef, black vinegar can help to make it tender beef, beef and olive oil can be fully absorbed olive oil incense, inside and outside and tapping, equivalent to help Italian beef made a “massage”, this is tender meat powder more natural environmental protection!

Green papaya pineapple sweet and spicy shrimp tips

Green Papaya (no hard ripe papaya), pineapple, onions, green peppers (dotted), ginger, shrimp, Thai sweet chili sauce (Lee Kum Kee), dry starch, salt, cooking wine.

1 Fresh pineapple cut into small pieces, soaked in salt water for half an hour, cut into small pieces the Green Papaya Peel and cut into small pieces, onions and green peppers;
2 Fresh shrimp peeling to yarn, open knife in the back, put ginger, a small amount of wine, dry starch, salted 20 minutes;
3 The marinated shrimp covered with dry starch (Figure 3), in five into heat and in the deep fry golden;
Re-starting oil, oil heat, add onion, stir fry for one minute, pineapple chunks into the dry control saline, fry a minute later, into the papaya block, fried Zaichao the two or three minutes, pour into Thailand style sweet chili sauce, stir fry add some salt into the fried shrimp and green peppers fried half a minute, shrimp evenly covered with sauce pan.

This dish should not be put monotonous glutamate, MSG alkaline, acidic food will cause a chemical reaction, the dishes stale becomes astringent, a sweet and sour taste dishes should not be put MSG, such as sweet and sour fish , sweet and sour pork, vinegar, pepper fish.

First, to the dishes Pro pans before adding MSG. Sodium glutamate at temperatures higher than 120 , becomes sodium ppyrophosphate food harmful to human beings, and it is difficult to be excreted. Long-term accumulation of the body can cause a rapid heart beat, trembling hands, insomnia and other adverse reactions.

Second, not add MSG, such as steamed buns, bread and other basic food. In an alkaline environment, sodium glutamate becomes duodenum glutamate, flavor reduces, or even loses their flavor.

Third, pay attention to the degree of salty dishes. If the dish is too salty, MSG can eat no flavor; too light then MSG flavor “hanging” out. Do salad advised MSG dissolved before adding? Because MSG dissolution c of 85 below this temperature MSG difficult to dissolve.

Fourth, the elderly and people suffering from high blood pressure, kidney disease, edema and other diseases should be eating MSG. The experiment proved that every dish should be no more than 0.5mg of monotonous glutamate is appropriate.